Welcome to Caddington and District Riding Club.

Our AGM will be on Friday 25th September at the usual venue. Full details in latest newsletter. Click here to download

SUMMER 2016 DATES - 8th May, 12th June, 10th July, 14th August

Champion & Reserve sashes at the July and August shows kindly sponsored by Sue Featherstone and Joan Wood.

To clear up any doubts or confusions, all cups and trophies that were presented at the 2014 AGM MUST be returned at the August show. Deposits will all be repaid shortly after that. If you are unable to return the cups then you MUST get in touch with the committee so that other arrangements can be made. ALL deposits, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, will be forfeit on 1st September 2015.

The cups and trophies will be presented for the last time at the 2015 AGM, with no deposit. From 2016 onwards we will be changing the prizegiving system (details to come next year).

If you have donated a trophy in the past and would like it to be returned, or if you have a particular interest in a trophy, please register that interest before the August Show so that we can sort things out.

CDRC Committee

The first 2 show jumping classes, have allowances to encourage competitors to get round.

  • Being allowed to carry on after 3 refusals (but have 3 minutes or judge’s discretion to do so).
  • If you fall, you may come back in the ring and have another go as long as our paramedic says it’s OK.
  • Outside assistance is permitted, for those of us that need a sat nav !!!

We also have clear round running all day and a brand new set of show jumps which have been very generously sponsored by local businesses.

Class 1 is being split this year into a) Junior & b)Senior rather than on or off Lead Rein

The field has been harrowed and topped making a great level surface, and TC feeds will be doing special promotions on show days!!

Please note that the Chiltern rider show jumping qualifying classes will start at 11.30 and will follow on after each other, there will be no lunch break.

So, get your horse or pony ready and come and have a fun day out at Caddington Riding Club!!

If you are able to help in any way please contact the club via the Contact Us page on the website

(Last updated 27.08.15)

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